Submit a project

Two procedures for submitting projects:

Submission of applications: the procedure is organized in two phases.

First phase - Submission and selection of interest (SOI)

Applicants are invited to submit their SOI, providing a clear overview of the proposed project including:

  • A summary of the project
  • The overall objective
  • The axis concerned
  • The partnership and its coherence with the project
  • The indicative budget

Select the pre-project form (to download)

After the Joint Secretariat (JS) has assessed the eligibility and quality of the SOIs. .the Monitoring Committee (MC) will take into account the evaluations of the JS, the interest of the SOIs and make decisions on the projects that will be selected to move on to the second stage of the submission procedure.

Second phase - submission and selection of expressions of interest (SOI)

Depending on the decisions made by the Program Monitoring Committee (MC), successful applicants will then be invited to prepare and bid an application full project. Applicants will have approximately 6 weeks to submit an application full project, starting from the date of notification by the JS. Where appropriate, all JS and Monitoring Committee requests and recommendations related to the SOI should be considered by the project partners.

The Monitoring Committee will make the final decisions on the second phase applications.

Quality of the projects, results and impacts envisaged

The programme aims to finance high quality sustainable projects, so-called structuring projects, to face major transnational and cross-border challenges or common problems, shared in the Caribbean Space. Projects must also aim for impact, seeking to generate lasting change in the region. They must therefore have a solid conception and be relevant to all the partner territories concerned, ie develop a "win-win" strategy

Download the application form with its annexes
Download the pre-project form