Approved projects

Enhance the competitiveness of Caribbean enterprises in a sustainable and inclusive way, to create wealth and employment

Project's title Lead Partner (LP) LP Location Description
PAIRE-CARIBSKY CAIRE Company (Air Antilles airline company) Guadeloupe Study for the elaboration of an action plan to facilitate cooperation between air transport operators in the Caribbean zone, in order to improve and optimize intra-regional air services
Trade Enhancement for Eastern Caribbean
CCIM - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Martinique Martinique The TEECA project aims to provide a concrete solution to the obstacles to trade between Caribbean states and to create sustainable and inclusive trade relations in the Caribbean area ( between Martinique and the OECS).
CARIBIX Dauphin Telecom SAS Saint-Martin CARIBIX is a project aiming to develop Internet exchange points in Saint Martin, Saint Barthélemy and Guadeloupe. The objective is to order, control and secure DATA traffic, also providing a better local service of telecommunication to operators and users alike.
Mycological innovation, a factor in local and tourist development
PNRM - Martinique Regional Natural Park Martinique The MYCONOVA project aims to equip partner territories with the necessary tools and practices for the development of economic sectors based on the enhancement of mycological heritage; This enhancement will also meet an environmental objective (Biodiversity knowledge and agro-ecological development ) as well as a food health objective.
Caribbean network for the valorization of cocoa
AGED - Association Guadeloupe for Equitablility and Sustainability Guadeloupe The project is part of an agro-ecological approach that aims to promote Caribbean cocoa (Guadeloupe and Haiti) and its derivated products for marketing according to the principles of solidarity trade in a niche market, high-end constantly changing.
ODYSSEA Caraïbes Blue Growth Multi-Destination
CAESM - South Martinique Area conurbation community Martinique The "Odyssea Caribbean Blue Growth Multi-Destination" project seeks to create and structure an innovative ecosystem of transnational nautical itineraries in the Caribbean, in order to promote the economic development of the area's territories, and the internationalization of new coastal and maritime tourism products and services for numerous authorities and companies. The transnational cooperation project is part of the capitalization and innovation of good practices regarding blue and green growth, a key economic vector to help strengthen in a sustainable and inclusive manner the competitiveness of Caribbean enterprises, creators of wealth and jobs.

Strengthen response capacity to natural disasters

Project's title Lead Partner (LP) LP Location Description
Caribbean network for coastal risks related with climate change
BRGM - Geological and Mining Research Office Guadeloupe The CARIB-COAST project aims to implement a Caribbean network to monitor coastal risk prevention and adaptation to climate change.
Regional Telluric Surveillance Platform
OVSM -Martinique Volcanological and Seismological Observatory

IPGP- The Paris Globe Physics Institute
Martinique The PREST project aims to create a regional geoscience research platform to better understand these telluric hazards by developing innovative marine technologies, know-how exchanges and inter-island collaborations in interaction with the finest French, European and American specialists.
Installation of a meteorological radar in Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten
Collectivity of Saint Martin Saint-Martin The RADAR project aims to acquire a new weather radar to improve radar coverage in the Lesser Antilles and thus the reliability and accuracy of weather forecasts for our territories.

Protect and exploit the Caribbean’s natural and cultural assets

Project's title Lead Partner (LP) LP Location Description
ODYSSEA Caraïbes Blue Routes CAESM - South Martinique Area conurbation community Martinique This project aims to have the region recognized as a "Blue Destination of Excellence" in the West Indies. The common challenge is the implementation of an exemplary ecotourism of the historic maritime routes of the West Indies transboundary shipping basin. A Sea and Land itinerary of valorization of the natural and cultural heritage which invites to call in the cities-ports and companies of the blue growth (nautism, pleasure boating, cruising, pescatourism...).
OSAIN PNRM - Regional Natural Park of Martinique Martinique The OSAIN project aims to scientifically validate, enhance and widely share traditional uses of the West Indies medicinal plants. To this end, the emphasis is placed on digital media, in particular the digitizing documents and the enrichment of websites to make them more attractive and informative.
Caribbean Network of Marine Protected Area Managers for the Conservation of Marine Mammals
Agoa Sanctuary - French Biodiversity Agency Guadeloupe This cooperation project aims to facilitate and enable territories with different legislative and regulatory situations in terms of the creation of marine parks and reserves to join forces to facilitate the migration of marine mammals in the West Indies ecological corridor and improve the effectiveness of marine protected area management for marine mammals. This by creating a network between managers of marine areas and marine protected parks in the Caribbean for the preservation of marine mammals.
"a space for expression and promotion of popular Caribbean cultures ACT II OSATOURC - Sainte Marie Tourist and Cultural Board Martinique This project aims to create a Caribbean synergy around three traditional cultural themes, namely popular music, craft basketry and gastronomy made from local products. It is a continuation of the project carried out by OSATOURC within the framework of INTERREG from November 30th 2011 to October 31st 2015. It is on the basis of the positive assessment of this first period of cooperation that OSATOURC officials and the first partners of the Caribbean decided to continue and expand actions in order to provide concrete responses to the issues observed over the period.
International network of Caribbean forts
Conseil Départemental Guadeloupe This project aims to create a network of Caribbean forts, a common heritage witnessing a shared history during the colonial era. This network will make it possible to enhance and develop these tourist assets and to propose tourist circuits dedicated to these forts, thus creating a Caribbean cultural tourist route around the forts.
Caribbean Amazon Dance and Circus Passport
METIS GWA Guadeloupe The PACAM project aims to develop artistic sectors in the Caribbean by creating complementarities between different artistic forms (dance, circus, street arts) and by offering training in cultural entrepreneurship. The project will help structure the Caribbean artistic and cultural sector and develop the employability of artists by promoting and disseminating the artistic creations of the zone. It will contribute to increasing the tourism potential of the Caribbean.

Develop a concerted Caribbean response to shared public health issues

Project's title Lead Partner (LP) LP Location Description
GUADELOUPE SAINT MARTIN AND SAINT BARTHELEMY REGIONAL AGENCY FOR HEALTH Guadeloupe The project aims to promote the healthcare pathway that hospitals in the French American Territories (FAT) offer to Caribbean countries. This pathway responds to identified and currently unmet public health needs in the project partner countries. The proposed care pathway is based on new e-health and telemedicine technologies. Through telemedicine, FAT institutions participating in this project shall be connected to health actors in partner countries. Telemedicine will enable remote consultations and diagnostics that will trigger the arrival of Caribbean patients in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint Martin at the appropriate time. Telemedicine and e-health will allow a transfer of know-how from FAT to the Caribbean and from the Caribbean to FAT, thus continuously improving the quality of medical treatments that will be offered as a priority to partner countries.

Strengthen Human Capital

Project's title Lead Partner (LP) LP Location Description
Caribbean Animation Project
PARALLEL 14 SAS Martinique PARALLEL 14, Private Advanced School of 3D, Animation, Special Effects and Video Games and the University of Trinidad and Tobago are setting up a university exchange program, to allow their respective students to benefit from the expertise, the teachings and educational resources of each of the partners. The CAP 3D project seeks to provide students from Parallel 14 and the University of Trinidad and Tobago with mobility, knowledge transmission and the placing in a professional situation. in a French-English linguistic context.